Image of the outside of Stratas Foods research, development and innovation center.

Contract Research Services

Contract Research Services

In addition to the core research, development, and innovation areas of concentration, the RDI Center also provides analytical and pilot plant services.

Take Advantage of our Expertise

Stratas Foods has pioneered the production and improvement of edible oils; it is what we do, and the focus of our energies. Our dedication to product excellence and consistency has lead us to invest extensive time and resources in creating the most versatile and innovative facilities in the industry. These unmatched analytical and technical capabilities are available for your use.

By outsourcing your company’s testing and development needs, you reap the benefits of our equipment and experiences; lower costs, faster turnaround, and the guaranteed highest standards in testing and production methodology.

Analytical Testing by the Industry Leader


Stratas Foods produces edible oils for the foodservice, food processor and retail food industries. These products are scrutinized at every stage of production by our highly trained staff of AOCS Approved chemists and technicians, utilizing the world’s foremost technologies and methods. Our firm dedication to quality control demands analytical precision day after day.

These superior resources are available to fulfill your analytical needs. Stratas Foods offers the most comprehensive selection of services available, including crucial:

  • Oil Stability Index (OSI)
  • Mettler Drop Point
  • SFC by NMR
  • DSC Analysis
  • Trans FA by FTIR and GC

The consistent excellence of our analytical laboratory chemist has earned them the AOCS Approved Chemist Certification since 1999.

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Stratas Analytical Services Cost Sheet
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Pilot Plant Services by Production Pioneers

Since 1994, the Stratas Foods Pilot Plant has offered cutting edge food processing in oils. Skilled technicians in this 38,000 square foot facility formulate customized samples of oils and emulsifiers on a cost-effective outsource basis, and in bench-top, drum, box, or bag quantities. Our extensive selection of services includes:

  • Refining
  • Bleaching
  • Deodorizing
  • Hydrogenating
  • Votating
  • Interesterification
Pilot Plant Services

Stratas Foods has the experience and resources to meet your needs. Let Stratas Foods’ Kosher Certified Pilot Plant become your technical resource for developing and improving your quality food products.