• We promote clear and open communication.
  • We give and receive positive and constructive feedback.
  • We encourage commitment to each other and the organization.


  • We treat each other with respect and have integrity.
  • We strive to earn the trust of our co-workers, customers, and our shareholders.
  • We assume responsibility and take action.
    • Safety – We have a high regard for the safety and well-being of all people, communities, and resources.
    • Cost Management – We treat the company’s money as our own.
    • Sustainability – We are good stewards of the environment.


  • We embrace learning and making change.
  • We are willing and able to make good decisions.
  • We seek out innovation and create solutions.


  • We function as a team, we work hard.
  • We support each other in order to succeed together.
  • We enjoy coming to work every day.


Stratas Foods is committed to equal employment opportunity, affirmative action, and diversity and inclusion in its workplace. It is our commitment to establish and maintain a talented, productive, diverse workforce that works together effectively to accomplish our goals.

Equal Employment Opportunity refers to Stratas' efforts to ensure equal access based on merit and qualification, and our firm commitment not to discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, age, gender, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, or military/veteran status.

Affirmative Action refers to Stratas' obligation to develop affirmative action plans and to take proactive measures, including establishment of certain goals, as appropriate, to ensure equitable representation of minorities and women at all levels at each facility.

Diversity and Inclusion refers to Stratas' desire to cultivate a work environment of inclusion, where all employees are valued and encouraged to contribute and to grow personally and professionally.

Stratas' commitment to diversity includes fostering a diverse workforce, providing opportunities to learn about and better appreciate the value of a diverse workforce, and encouraging outreach and involvement with the diverse communities in which we live and whom we serve.


Stratas recognizes that healthy employees are more engaged, productive and have higher levels of job satisfaction. We encourage our employees to lead healthier lifestyles by offering wellness tools and resources such as:

  • Comprehensive Medical and Dental insurance coverage
  • Reimbursement for fitness club memberships
  • Onsite fitness facilities and walking trails at Memphis headquarters
  • Free onsite blood panel screening
  • Free onsite flu vaccinations
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Weight management options
  • Employee Assistance Program that provides counseling resources for family matters, financial concerns, stress management and legal matters


Stratas Foods is committed to providing every employee a safe and healthy working environment. We strive to make the safety and health of each employee our top priority.

We will provide training and education in all aspects of working safely, including safe job procedures, prevention programs and the promotion of good health.

Every employee has the responsibility to work safely.

Zero health and safety related incidents will be achieved through teamwork and dedication from all employees at every level.

Core Beliefs

  • All incidents are preventable
  • Employees at every level are responsible for safety
  • Good Health is Good Business

Values Based Safety® Program

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve employee safety, Stratas Foods has initiated a Values Based Safety (VBS) program at each of its facilities.

VBS is an employee-driven program that empowers workers to take an active role in creating a safe workplace environment. Employees are trained to perform observations that recognize safe behavior and provide constructive feedback for improvement. VBS is a voluntary, anonymous program that provides immediate positive feedback without fear of disciplinary action.