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Stratas Foods to purchase Supreme Oil Company

Stratas Foods has completed the purchase of Supreme Oil Company, based in Englewood, New Jersey. With this acquisition, Stratas expands its manufacturing presence in the Northeast. Supreme offers a variety of oils, shortenings, mayonnaise and dressings to the Foodservice and Retail industries. Founded in 1945, the company currently has three sites, located in Englewood, New Jersey; Nashville, Tennessee; and Brundidge, Alabama. Stratas Foods is the leading supplier of fats and oils to the... Read More
at Thursday, October 20, 2016

Making up the costs of PHO alternatives

LAS VEGAS - Retail bakers may have a way to alleviate the extra costs when working with alternatives to partially hydrogenated oils (phos) "Bakers should't make their money by buying in the back door," said Mitch Riavez, a certified master baker and national accounts manager for Stratas Foods. "They should make their money by selling in front." Click to read entire article from Baking Business Read More
at Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stratas Foods Introduces Apex

Stratas Foods today introduced Apex, the first non-partially hydrogenated ("non PHO) soybean shortening line using Stratas' proprietary Flex crystallization technology, at the Annual Institute of Food Technologists Meeting and Expo. This new product has been in development by scientists in the Stratas Research, Development, and Innovation Center since 2015. Apex offers a new, unprecedented standard of shortening functionality without the PHO, expanding the reach of non PHO soy based... Read More
Posted by Tara Stafford at Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Can doughnuts survive PHO replacement?

The results of a deep-frying study conducted by Qualisoy in collaboration with Stratas Foods LLC demonstrataed that they will.  Reproducing the characteristically delicious color, texture, mouthfeel, and shelf-life of doughnuts fried in partially hydrogenated oils (PHO) is not easy. In 2013, doughnuts topped Time magazine's list of "The 7 foods that won't be the same if trans fats are banned." Why? Read full article from Restaurant News Read More
at Thursday, October 13, 2016