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Stratas Foods COVID-19 Pandemic Business Continuity Actions

Stratas Foods, LLC (Stratas) is committed to the safety of our colleagues, customers, partners and products. From the earliest stages of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Stratas has managed our supply chain to help ensure the uninterrupted flow of safe, high-quality ingredients to our customers. Specifically, we have activated processes to protect our employees, customers, and partners in the sourcing of ingredients, manufacturing, and supply of our products to the industry.

Pandemic Response: Stratas Foods remains committed to the health and the safety of our team members, suppliers, partners, and visitors. Our business continuity team meets daily to ensure procedures and responses align with the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory requirements.
Actions to date include:

  • All Stratas manufacturing facilities have expanded cleaning protocols. Specifically, we have enhanced, trained, and verified hygiene protocols in all of our facilities.
  • We have achieved social distancing guidelines by dividing our corporate workforce between our corporate headquarters, Research Development Innovation Center (RDIC) and home-based offices.
  • Stratas has ceased all non-critical travel for our team members.
  • We have prohibited all non-business-critical visitation to our facilities.
  • Stratas has implemented a robust protocol based on the CDC guidelines to address potential employee or partner COVID-19 exposure.

Business Continuity Actions: Stratas Foods’ executive team meets daily to monitor business continuity across our supply chain. Our goal remains to deliver safe, high-quality products on-time throughout this pandemic event. 

Actions to date include:

  • Stratas remains in close contact with our suppliers to proactively identify potential supply chain disruptions by actively monitoring inventory levels.
  • We have alternate suppliers identified for all critical ingredients.
  • Stratas is vigilantly managing logistics and transportation schedules to optimize supply channels.

While we will continue taking all necessary steps to maintain uninterrupted deliveries to our customers, we are also mindful that the COVID-19 situation could have impacts outside our control. If we believe supply chain disruptions are likely, we will communicate these to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued confidence in Stratas Foods as a value added supplier to your business.