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Stratas Foods Introduces Apex

Stratas Foods today introduced Apex, the first non-partially hydrogenated ("non PHO) soybean shortening line using Stratas' proprietary Flex crystallization technology, at the Annual Institute of Food Technologists Meeting and Expo. This new product has been in development by scientists in the Stratas Research, Development, and Innovation Center since 2015.

Apex offers a new, unprecedented standard of shortening functionality without the PHO, expanding the reach of non PHO soy based shortenings into more challenging baking, icing, and donut applications. Unlike other products produced in the post-PHO era, which suffer reduced functionality and flexibility compared to PHO, Apex is a true PHO-free drop-in solution.

“Apex offers PHO utility without the PHO,” said Roger Daniels, Vice President of Research, Development and Innovation at Stratas Foods. “This innovation moves the needle in terms of consistency, stability, firmness, and performance by leveraging, for the first time, the marriage of Stratas’ functional crystallization with an expanded and more resilient fatty acid platform. Moreover, APEX achieves this major step with a soybean oil, rather than a palm oil based system.”

“Apex is a really unique product. The industry has offered formulaic changes to provide non PHO options, but the Flex processing technology together with an enhanced and more stable fatty acid platform is unprecedented and potentially a game changer,” said Daniels.

As part of its commercialization validation, Stratas has been introducing Apex to a mix of clients for trial and testing, where it was received with very positive reviews. Some major bakers participating in early beta testing have even found it to outperform their former PHO products.

Stratas Foods is also introducing this product innovation for the food service area under the brand names Sweetex Golden Flex for icing and Primex Golden Flex for all-purpose needs.

About Stratas Foods: Stratas Foods LLC is the leading supplier of fats and oils to the Foodservice, Food Ingredients and Retail Private Label markets in North America. Stratas benefits from more than 200 years of combined experience in the fats & oils industry, which is evident in the industry-leading Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Center. The RDI Center enables Stratas' team of scientists to develop, test, and prototype a wide range of innovative oil products in well-equipped labs and pilot plant facilities. With production facilities in Illinois, California, Texas and Georgia, and distribution centers across the U.S. and Canada, Stratas Foods is well positioned to meet the needs of its customers. Stratas Foods is committed to producing the highest quality food products at a competitive price, while providing industry-leading transportation, distribution, and customer service resources. For more information about Stratas Foods, visit

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Posted by Tara Stafford at 3:57 PM