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The future of frying fats

KANSAS CITY — When it became clear that partially hydrogenated oils (phos) had fallen out of favor and were going to be phased out, many lamented that this was the end of the donut. Phos uniquely delivered the functionality necessary to fry a donut while also imparting the proper taste, texture and mouthfeel consumers expect.

Fats have an important relationship to the foods they fry. They not only conduct the heat necessary to cook the product, but they also become a part of the food itself through absorption. These fats must be stable enough to not break down in the fryer yet also impart the proper taste, texture and mouthfeel to the finished product. Phos have the functionality to deliver these characteristics and the flexibility to fry a variety of foods. With the Food and Drug Administration removing phos’ GRAS status effective June 18, 2018, many thought that donuts fried in any other fat would never live up to those fried in phos. (Read More)