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Replacing phos with customization alternatives

Bakers have been trying to remove partially hydrogenated oils (phos) long before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration decided these fats were no longer safe for human consumption.  The removal of phos from the food supply has been a long time coming. In 2006, the F.D.A. required that trans fats be included in the Nutrition Facts Panel. Read More Read More
at Wednesday, October 3, 2018

"The Kitchen" From Stratas Foods Sets The Standard For Recipe Development With Partner Companies

Stratas Foods invites media to experience THE KITCHEN, the most customer focused experimental kitchen in the industry. Located just three miles outside of NYC in Englewood, New Jersey, Stratas brings its customers in THE KITCHEN to experiment, test and invent new recipes.  Click here for the full article. Read More
at Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Stratas Foods Wins Quality and Service Award from Dot Foods for the Second Year in a Row

MEMPHIS, Tennessee, May 16, 2018—Stratas Foods was recently awarded the 2017 Quality and Service Award by Dot Foods, the nation’s largest food industry redistributor. This is the second year in a row Stratas Foods has won the award, which recognizes Dot’s top-performing manufacturer partners in the areas of quality and service. Dot’s annual Quality & Service Award program began in 1998 as a way to highlight manufacturer partners who provide best-in-class communica... Read More
Posted by Tara Stafford at Tuesday, June 12, 2018

PHO Solutions From A to Z

Back to the Future: Baking 101 Learn how to make non-PHO shortening work with your formulas by using the basic building blocks of mixing.  Artisan bakers want to be unique, and consumers expect this approach from them. The flavor profile, visual appeal, and texture are signature traits of the artisan baker.  Click here for the full article. Read More
at Wednesday, January 31, 2018

PHO alternatives come to the forefront

In 2015, the United States Food and Drug Administration announced it would give food companies three years to eliminate partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) from their products. PHOs are the source of trans fat, which have been linked to heart disease and other ailments.  As the 2018 deadline nears, companies that supply instore delis and bakeries are continuing their efforts to convery customers to non-PHO alternatives like palm oil, canola oil and soy. Stratas Foods, LLC continues to wo... Read More
Posted by Tara Stafford at Tuesday, September 5, 2017

At IFT 17, Stratas highlights latest pho replacement

LAS VEGAS — Showcasing its latest generation option for replacement of partially hydrogenated oil (pho), Stratas Foods has reinforced its position as a leading packaged oil vendor in North America, said Jonathan Gilbert, general manager, food ingredients.  At IFT17, the 2017 Institute of Food Technologists’ annual meeting and exposition in Las Vegas, Memphis, Tenn.-based Stratas highlighted its Apex Golden Flex technology, targeting some of the most difficult applicati... Read More
at Friday, July 14, 2017

The future of frying fats

KANSAS CITY — When it became clear that partially hydrogenated oils (phos) had fallen out of favor and were going to be phased out, many lamented that this was the end of the donut. Phos uniquely delivered the functionality necessary to fry a donut while also imparting the proper taste, texture and mouthfeel consumers expect. Fats have an important relationship to the foods they fry. They not only conduct the heat necessary to cook the product, but they also become a part of... Read More
at Monday, July 10, 2017

With Supreme Oil Company, Stratas Foods Enters 'Culinology' Space

In the five months since Stratas Foods, our 50-50 JV with Associated British Foods, acquired Supreme Oil Company, they've been working through the usual integration steps to get acclimated to each other's businesses and systems. Supreme has switched to Stratas' computer systems and begun using Stratas' infrastructure in areas such as Procurement, Finance, Transportation, Warehousing, and IT. Stratas has benefited from Supreme's geographic access, product lines and formulat... Read More
Posted by Tara Stafford at Friday, March 24, 2017

Eliminating PHOs in Pies

Trans-fat debate began in the 1990's. Stratas Foods began working toward the optimal solution in 2003, at a time when the debate was in full discussion and before the Food and Drug Administratiaon (FDA) instituted the requirement to label trans fats on the nutritional facts panel in 2006.  The pie crust industry has struggled to find a drop-in solution to replace PHO products over the decades.  The next generation solution comes from the research labs of Stratas Foods.  ... Read More
Posted by Tara Stafford at Friday, March 3, 2017

A Pivotal Year For PHO-Free

This year will prove to be a pivotal one for bakers across the United States to convert to trans-fat free shortenings and oils. Food companies have until June, 18 2018, to remove partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) from their products. Stratas Foods, LLC continues to work on the optimum applicatrions for all bakery applications through its own ongoing and extensive research. Continue to the full article.    Read More
at Wednesday, February 22, 2017