Admiration® French Dressing

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Try using Admiration French dressing on your delicious Cobb salads.

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Admiration dressing possess incredible and unique flavor profiles, providing performance in the kitchen and taste on the table. 

Admiration French dressing is a flavorful oil and vinegar based dressing thickened by tomato paste giving it that bright red orange color.

  • Vivid Red Orange Color
  • Sweet and Tangy Flavors
  • Creamy Consistency
  • Perfect for Salads, Subs or Sandwiches

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Stratas Product Code 600521 D8
Pack Size 4 x 1 Gallon
Net Wt. (lbs) 32.08
Gross Wt. (lbs) 33.04
Tie 12
High 5
CS/Pallet 60
Length (in.) 12.81
Width (in.) 12.81
Height (in.) 9.63
Cubic Feet 0.91