Admiration® Russian Dressing

Try our Admiration Russian Dressing on a Reuben Sandwich. Delicious!

Not Available Online

Admiration dressing possess incredible and unique flavor profiles, providing performance in the kitchen and taste on the table.

This Russian dressing features fresh ingredients and zesty spices that can be added to a variety of dishes as a quick and easy way to enhance flavor. 

  • Shelf Stable Product (Refrigerate After Opening)
  • Made with the Freshest Eggs, Savory Onions, and Garlic
  • Paprika provides an Eye-Catching Reddish-Orange Color
  • Bold Flavorful Taste
  • Tastes Great on Corn Beef and Ruben Sandwiches 

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Stratas Product Code 600523 D0
Pack Size 4 x 1 Gallon
Net Wt. (lbs) 31.00
Gross Wt. (lbs) 31.93
Tie 12
High 5
CS/Pallet 60
Length (in.) 12.31
Width (in.) 12.31
Height (in.) 10.38
Cubic Feet 0.91