Frymax® Golden Supreme Frying Oil

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With the light soybean flavor that many people prefer, this deep frying oil is long-lasting and ultra-purified.

Frymax Golden Supreme is a creamy liquid soybean oil that has been ultra-purified to last longer in the fryer than competitive oils. Frymax Golden Supreme has an excellent flavor, and the extended fry life reduces you annual cost.

FRYMAX oils are subjected to additional trace metal reduction and our ultra-purification process. This process is unique to Stratas, and was developed to remove impurities from the oil, thereby improving flavor and increasing fry life.

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  • Leading brand since 1955
  • Creamy liquid soybean oil
  • Ultra-purified for longer fry life
  • Light soybean flavor customers prefer

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Stratas Product Code 102300 FR 102300 FG
Pack Size 1/35# 2/17.5#
Net Wt. (lbs) 35.0 35.0
Gross Wt. (lbs) 36.5 37.6
Tie 20 10
High 3 6
CS/Pallet 60 60
Length (in.) 9.75 19.38
Width (in.) 9.40 9.75
Height (in.) 16.01 10.19
Cubic Feet 0.85 1.11