Frymax® Peanut Classic Frying Oil

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This frying oil combines soybean and peanut oils, making it both delicious and much less expensive than pure peanut oil.

Frymax Peanut Classic is a creamy liquid frying oil made from a unique blend of soybean and peanut oils. This blend provides excellent fry life and great peanut flavor at a significantly lower cost than 100% peanut oil.

FRYMAX oils are subjected to additional trace metal reduction and our ultra-purification process. This process is unique to Stratas, and was developed to remove impurities from the oil, thereby improving flavor and increasing fry life.

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  • Soybean and Peanut Oil Blend
  • For Heavy Duty Frying
  • Zero Grams Trans-Fat Per Serving

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Stratas Product Code 104266 FR
Pack Size 1/35#
Net Wt. (lbs) 35.0
Gross Wt. (lbs) 36.5
Tie 20
High 3
CS/Pallet 60
Length (in.) 9.75
Width (in.) 9.40
Height (in.) 16.01
Cubic Feet 0.85