Research, Development, and Innovation

The Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) Center at Stratas Foods houses state-of-the-art shortening & oil labs, as well as a versatile pilot plant facility.

Our team of highly trained scientists and technicians are constantly striving to develop and test the latest innovations in shortening & oil technologies. Working in conjunction with seed companies, suppliers, equipment manufacturers and customers, the RDI Team is focused on bringing these new technologies into production.

The mission of the Stratas RDI Team is divided into three distinct concentrations.


Solving problems related to taste, quality, convenience and price


Creating solutions for specific customer needs


“Blue sky” research into the future of shortening & oil technologies


Research is the primary task of the RDI Team, and is focused on constantly improving our products and processes. Whether developing a new flavor, optimizing fry life, or creating new bakery solutions, the Stratas RDI Team is always striving for product excellence.

Some examples of our Research include:

  • Clean label alternatives
  • Developing or improving butter flavored oils
  • Blending source oils to create an optimal flavor and fry life
  • Interesterified (IE) shortening solutions for baking
  • Process simplification, both in the manufacturing plant and the customer’s operation
  • Ingredient statement rationalization


Development is the creation of new products, processes, or packaging to meet a customer’s specific need. The pilot plant and labs at the Stratas RDI Center are stocked with state-of-the-art manufacturing and analytical equipment, enabling the RDI Team to quickly develop specialized products for our customers.

Some examples of our product Development include:

  • New bottle design for Retail customers
  • Customized shortenings for bakery manufacturers
  • Nutrition-optimized liquid oils for food manufacturers
  • Meeting specific fatty acid compositions for manufacturers
  • Blending oils to minimize product cost
  • Redesigning packaging to minimize cost
  • Utilizing our pilot plant for small-batch test production
  • On-site customer support from our scientists and technicians


Innovation represents “blue sky” efforts to push the technological boundaries of shortening & oil science. The Stratas RDI Team researches and tests the latest developments in oilseed technology, nutritional optimization, and frying oil performance.

Some examples of our scientific Innovation include:

  • Saturated fat reduction
  • Caloric minimization
  • Next generation of oilseed technology
  • Indulgent nutrition
  • Sustainable packaging options