The Kitchen

Our goal is to be your partner in creating new and exciting menu items. Through the acquisition of Admiration Foods in 2017, Stratas Foods has entered the sauces, dressings and mayonnaise categories in a very creative way, and we have developed a resource to bring these high quality products to you.

Our new innovative facility, THE KITCHENfosters culinary creativity at the highest level. Its proximity to New York City serves to spark original and exciting ideas. This energy is harnessed in THE KITCHEN where together, we bring new culinary solutions to life.


Delight your patrons. Increase market share. Start the conversation about your new menu today!

THE KITCHEN is designed to take customers through a phase-by phase creative process.

  • Collaboration

  • Rapid Ideation

  • Recipe Creation

  • Tastings



Comfortable meeting areas support planning and flavor profile objectives development.

Rapid Ideation

The Kitchen conference area is ideal for fast and rule-free recipe generation.

Recipe Creation

The prepping and cooking area is a full functioning industrial kitchen where Chef Barcelona, visiting client chefs and product developers bring unique recipes to life.



Perhaps the most satisfying area is the tasting bar where clients evaluate and discuss the recipes that have been collaboratively created.

Poached applewood smoked bacon wrapped porkchop       Homemade large pizza         Halibut dish         Line of salads on plates made in the Stratas Kitchen             

Our Culinary Solutions services are led by Chef Vincent Barcelona, an industry veteran and recognized talent in the culinary arts.

"We designed THE KITCHEN to provide corporate chefs, product development and marketing professionals with a culinary environment like no other", states Vincent Barcelona. "We know that the competition is fierce in the Large Chain QSR market, so having a creative facility like this enables us to work with customers to brainstorm, identify and create their next winning recipes. It's exciting and extremely gratifying".

Once a recipe has passed market testing, we support customers by supplying our products where and when they need them. For recipes requiring custom formulations, our Research Development Innovation (RDI) Center, in Memphis, TN will advance your unique recipe from a concept to a fully commercialized and deliverable product.

Learn more about our Culinary Solutions, Chef Barcelona and The Kitchen and we'll help you develop unique flavor profiles and winning recipes that increase your market share. Click here to share more details about your needs and a Culinary Solutions expert will respond promptly. Experience the industries most unique service!